Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Somthing magical happened

I received an owl the other day telling me there had been a terrible mix up at the start of my first term at Hogwarts. Now I really do not understand how this can be it is so evident that I am a true Gryff. But no this messaged screamed it is not meant to be, you are now a member of Hufflepuff. I was shock and awed much like that idiot GWB intended to do in Iraq to find out that I had indeed been tossed out of Gryff tower right on my witch but. At first I was worried I was being kicked out of school all togather. I didnt even finish the letter but paniced and cried.

Almost directly behind the headmistress owl was one from Lavender Ackerly whom I dont remember from last term as she was in Ravenclaw and she too had been kicked out of her house but she was calm and read the entire message. We were being moved to Hufflepuff Huzzah Huzzah.

We are paired up as Prefect and Head Girl and will rule the school for sure.

For now however I need to redecorate this muggle blog filled with vile Gryffendor pics and make sure i show my Huzzah Hufflepuff pride.