Saturday, February 28, 2009

almost missed it

grrrr. blogger wont post my post. take three

Finally my post posted. I seem to keep getting an error msg. I am on Muggle vacation starting monday and will hopefully will be able to finish my bag and do all my homeowrk for the first time this term

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


WOW so I just had a panic attack of oh no i didnt post last week and Quinn didnt send a howler but there it is a little tiny post. I think I might still get a detention for the perfect and head gilrs.... oh wellMy trusty muggle computer is going to die soon where is that money the irs is suppose to be sending me.

1. What momentous event was the reason that the members of the Order of the Phoenix felt it necessary to move Harry out of the Dursley’s house?

d. Harry’s upcoming birthday

2. Who revealed the actual date of Harry’s transfer to Voldemort, despite the misinformation the Order had been spreading around that the move would occur on the eve of his actual birthday?

b. Snape

3. With the use of Polyjuice Potion (and to confuse any possible attack by Death Eaters), six member of the Order were disguised as Harry and escorted out of Privet Drive, along with the real Harry. Which member of the order did not survive that night?

a. Mad-Eye Moody

4. Who informed Harry, Ron and Hermione of the bequests left to them in Dumbledore’s will?

d. Rufus Scimgeour

5. During the wedding celebration for Bill and Fleur, Kingley Shacklebolt sent a Patronus to tell the guests that the Ministry had fallen, Scrimgeour (the Minister) was dead and the wedding celebration was about to be attacked by Death Eaters. What form did the Patronus take?

a. A lynx

6. Escaping from the wedding to London, our three friends found themselves confronted by a pair of Death Eaters, disguised as workmen. This close brush impressed on them the need to find someplace to hide. Where did they decide to go?

b. Sirius Black’s house

7. Kreacher’s animosity towards Harry, Ron and especially Hermione (a Mudblood) was well documented in book five, “The Order of the Phoenix.” His initial interaction with them showed that his attitude had not changed. How did they win him over?

d. By giving him Regulus Black’s old locket

8. Who did they eventually find was in possession of the locket/Horcrux?

d. Dolores Umbridge

9. What did Harry find embedded in the door of Umbrdige’s office?

a. Moody’s magical eye

10. After retrieving the Horcrux, they tried to return to their safe place but they were pursued (actually Yaxley tagged along when they disapparated). This meant that the Death Eaters knew their hiding place and they had to go somewhere else. Where did Hermione take them?

d. To the site of the Quidditch World Cup

Nymphadora Tonks

Monday, February 9, 2009

oh no

so I fear my faithfull computer might be breaking. Thank good its muggle tax season maybe I can get a new one.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am a very bad student I havent been doing my homework at all. I have been working on my swap package but all this extra homework ugh. In the muggle world work has gotten tough with major schdule changes I am working noon to 11 most nights and only knitting on my 2 days off... I guess this is better then being laid off so i will take it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

House Quiz

What are your three most favorite colors? I like purple and blues and greens... hello noro
What are you three least favorite colors? Not an oranged fan and I dont care for yellow/greens
Your favorite candy is _____butterfingers____________.
Draco, Lucius, or Snape? I will take a malfoy anyday
Do you knit, crochet, or both?both
What type of kit did you ask for?any but a mitten kit
Acrylic—has its uses, should all be burned, best yarn to work with (choose one)? All yarn has its place. Acrylics place is in some one elses house... say Ravenclaws perhaps
Who is the Slytherin Head Girl this term? Looks like its some chic named Quinn havent met her yet
Name four “extras” you would love to receive in your kit. Leftover sock yarns, journals, your fav pattern, something for my doggie
What are your three most favorite scents? anything not fruitie
Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? depends on the time of the month
Which Slytherin is the Keeper of the Crucio List? me but dont tell anyone its a secret
Do you really need more stitch markers? I honestly never use the stupid things but I love getting them.
Dpns, circular, or straight? any of them
What yarn makes you squee? noro...
Favorite HP Movie? number 1
Favorite HP character? any malfoy
Who was your first choice for DADA professor? Doesnt matter Wisteria is going to have her way with him
What is the Slytherin Common Room called? Snake pit
What makes you worthy of being in Slytherin House? Well first i was a Gryff and they threw me out then I was a huffle puff for a couple years and they dont want me either so I thought I would try you all out